Take our online plumbing and gas courses so you can obtain your education without the hassle of traveling to your classrooms. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about our online program:

What is the online program?

Masters Plumbing & Gas School’s online program is the convenient way to acquire all of your required plumbing and/or gasfitting education from your computer right at home! Any Massachusetts’s registered plumber or gas fitter can take the online course.

Does the online program count towards my education?

Yes! All online tier programs count towards your educational hours just like a traditional classroom! We are an officially licensed school in Massachusetts.

When does the online course take place?

The online course follows the same schedule as the Fall & Spring semesters. To look at the current course dates visit the Class Dates page.

Where can I register for the online course?

Simply go to the Online Registration page and sign up!


You will need the following to attend our online plumbing courses for beginners and advanced learners:



Required (Less than 4 years old – phones and tablets not permitted)




(See below for suggestions)


(A pair of headphones with a microphone built in)

What is expected from students attending the online program?

There are several rules that students of online plumbing and gas courses are expected to follow. 

  • The student’s equipment must operate properly throughout the entire class. The equipment specs are discussed above and are more thoroughly explained in the Online Class Policies in the Online Registration Form.
  • The student can’t pause or freeze his/her webcam during class. Visibility is a must during class.
  • Mandatory “sign-in” and “sign-out” before and after attending classes
  • Students are allowed to rejoin a class after getting disconnected for less than 15 minutes without worrying about losing time.
  • Students who are disconnected from an online class for more than 15 will start to lose time.
  • Class breaks are 30 minutes long and are only available once per class.

Need help finding the right equipment?

We have a list of recommended laptops, webcams, & headsets that meet the requirements for the online course.

  • Recommended PC Laptop (~$550) OR Recommended MAC Laptop (~$950)
  • Recommended Webcams (Not required if you have Laptop or webcam already) – Logitech HD C310 (~$30) OR Logitech Pro Webcam C920 (~$60)
  • Recommended Headsets – HyperX Cloud Stinger (~$50) OR Sennheiser G4ME ONE Headset (~$164.99)
  • NOTE: If you purchase one of the above headsets, we highly recommend you also purchase the Stereo Headset USB Adapter ($7.99) to ensure full compatibility with your desktop or laptop computer!

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