“From day one you could tell that all the instructors wanted one thing and only one thing, and that was for all of their students to pass the test. I owe so much to these guys. You can tell they care. I will be taking my test in the fall and not only did they prepare me for the test they made me confident in my abilities to pass this test in one shot.”


“I never thought I would be able to receive this quality of learning through an online program. I really like the fact that there are less peer to peer type of distractions. Also, because I am able to take this class from home, I am less stressed about travel plans. I LOVED the fact that over the holidays I was able to attend class while visiting my family in Vermont!”


“I love the fact that Masters Plumbing & Gas School has given me the confidence to go back to school. They know how to reach me, and how to relate to my learning challenges. They pull the best out of me. The teachers draw me in like a good movie and keep my attention! The teachers at MPGS make me feel comfortable in my learning style.”